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2008 Corsa Design electrical problem

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] 2008 Corsa Design electrical problem

    head gasket full replacement, battery, alternator, crank sensor and temperature sensor.

    Yet still we are having a consistent problem with the car. I can drive it anywhere between 1-15 miles before the battery light flashes a few times and the engine completely cuts out, this always seems to happen when driving at low speeds/revs or maneuvering/reversing. The car is not overheating and the battery and alternator are both less than a year old so I cannot work out what is going wrong. When the car cuts out it hardly even turns over at all, but when jump started it drives off straight away and seems fine again...for a set amount of miles.

    Could there be any potential problems with the electrical wiring going from the alternator to the battery or to the engine to cause this constant cutting out?

    Or any other problems anyone might recognise?



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    Hi. Welcome to the forum. Sorry for the delay.

    Why were the battery and alternator replaced? Were there problems that have been partly resolved by their replacement, or were they replaced in an attempt to sort the problems you are having but without improvement?

    With a fully charged battery in good condition you should be getting about 12.6 volts with engine not running, and if the alternator is working correctly you should get about 14.7 volts with the engine running. You may get less in some circumstances. Do a google search to see what voltages are acceptable.This is a fairly basic check. A garage can test other things such as as the batteries performance under load. If you do not have a multimeter I strongly recommend buying one. They have many uses in the car and home.

    Other things you could check is that the battery terminal leads are making a good clean and secure connection.Check particularly at the battery terminals but also check that the other end of each wire is also making a good connection. The alternator wiring connections could also be corroded or dirty, causing resistance.

    Battery suppliers will often do free checks of battery and alternator,hoping to sell you a replacement, but also ,if you go to whoever supplied the replacements claiming it faulty under guarantee (which may be the case) they will probably run checks before admitting liability. These checks may diagnose the real cause.
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