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Electrical problem prevents car starting

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  • [Corsa C] Electrical problem prevents car starting

    We have a Corsa 1.2 SXi Automatic HW02 LMX. It has developed a dash board instrument panel electrical problem which prevents the engine being started. It will turn over, but not start.

    When this happens, there are no lights displayed on the instrument panel - Temp Gauge, Rev Counter, Speed indicator, Gear, Mileage, Indicator L&R or hazard, Engine/Oil/Hand brake Symbols Etc do not illuminate.
    When this happens, a sharp bang of hand on top of dash will re-connect whatever was wrong and all the panel lights will come on and the engine can be started. Until 2 days ago this had always happened at home. On this occasion it had occurred at home. Having got car started, drove a mile to local shops. On return to car, no instrument panel lights and as usual, car would not start. Banged top of dash and some instrument lights came and could start car – but then panel lights went off, but engine kept running. Drove home.
    When using indicators I could hear them ‘ticking’, but dash indicator lights did not display. Was very worrying the engine could cut out! I understand the connections are on a flat (male?)
    Connector to which a wiring loom is connected. This inserts into an instrument panel female connector up under the steering wheel. This has been fully checked for loose or broken connections and no fault found.

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    That is a very common problem on early Corsa C models. It is well known and Vauxhall attempted a 'fix' by using an adhesive to glue the instrument panel connector into the socket. It is the connector behind the instrument cluster itself. The usual 'get you home' remedy was to give the instrument cluster a firm press which made the connection good for a while. It needs taking out and some adhesive putting on to keep the connector connected.
    1972 Viva restoration thread - [url][/url]