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Need Help - Ignition/Immobiliser Problem

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Need Help - Ignition/Immobiliser Problem

    Ignition barrel on my Corsa C, 1200 SXi, 2001 broke last week. Got a replacement (new) complete with keys. Car wouldn't start, dashboard lights flashing.

    Swapped transponder from old key to new key. Car now starting, lights not flashing BUT even with removal of ignition key when I open the door, the open door buzzer goes off. Close the door or put the key in the ignition and the buzzer stops.

    However, and the biggest and most frustrating problem is I can't open the passenger door or the petrol cap (and she's VERY low on petrol). Have to use the old key for this. I always open the doors manually because the buttons died a long time ago.

    So, we have the new ignition barrel and key with the original transponder in it starting the engine just fine, but the old key to open the doors will now only open the driver's door. For info, even before I put in the new barrel the key wasn't opening the petrol cap or passenger door - this from when the original barrel broke. Worked fine before that.

    I feel I'm missing something but since I'm tearing my hair out and being a lady don't really want to go bald, please can someone help shed light on this.

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    Hi I dont know much about key transponders etc. But a few thoughts.
    I dont think you will be able to avoid having two keys if the other lock barrels on the car differ.Short of changing all barrels to match. Changing the transponder at least now means the ecu recognises and accepts the ignition key but I've no idea why the door open buzzer is behaving like it is.
    A possible reason why the old key wont work the passenger door or petrol cap is that the old ignition barrel got a bit mangled and stiff, which in turn mangled the key cuttings, which in turn mangled the barrel even more,till it needed to be replaced.
    Drivers door locks tend to get a bit more sloppy due to wear and tear and are more likely to work with a worn or damaged key. If you have a spare 'old' key that might work better. Or you could try getting a new one from its number or get one cut. then you could try lubricating the troublesome barrels with thin oil, and keep trying to see if they loosen up. But dont be too heavy handed, or use a damaged key in case the key breaks in the lock.

    You say the central locking buttons died a long time ago. Transponders work by interacting in close proximity to a magnetic receiver . But central locking blippers work by a completely different system using weak radio transmissions. Could the battery need replacing? Or if the buttons are completely knackered you can buy replacement keys, or just spare parts,with new buttons etc, from on line specialists, or some key cutters. They often do a repair service renovating your old key. I dont think matching your blipper radio code to the car is as difficult for them as getting the correct transponder. You would still need two keys,but one would work the central locking, which is a bonus.


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      It was only the ignition barrel that died. Replaced that with a new barrel which had new keys included. Moved the transponder from the old key to the new and that all works fine now. Did have to reset the ECU by removing No.1 fuse, then replacing it. All good there.

      The driver's door is the only one that opens with the old key (minus the transponder). When I bought the car it only came with one key which didn't work too well on the buttons. Son repaired it as best he could and it did work for a while but for over a year I've been opening the doors/petrol cap the old fashioned way - putting key in lock and turning - one to open driver's door, twice to open passenger and petrol cap.

      So, the position now is the car starts and runs fine on the new key with old transponder in it.

      Driver's door opens on old key no problem.

      Petrol cap is now permanently open (will get a locking cap for it). Had to break into the petrol cap and noticed that it's possibly had a similar problem in the past - the plastic catch had a split in it.

      I can live with having to lean across and open the passenger door from the inside and having to get a locking cap for the petrol. Bit of sticky velcro on the petrol flap will make sure it doesn't fly open.

      Now, if my 16 year old Corsa passes her MOT in a few weeks time I will be a very happy bunny - fingers crossed.

      Meanwhile, all is good