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Engine won't start

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine won't start


    I have a 1996 Corsa Merit 5door, 1.2.

    Recently, the engine won't start.

    Engine turns over ok. Got assistance from Green Flag. No sparks from spark plug when put on rocker cover and engine started. Mechanic said ignition coil faulty. I think it's the original unit.

    Saw replacement on ebay: VAUXHALL CORSA MK I 1.2I 1993 TO 2000 IGNITION COIL MOBILETRON. Can I assume this coil is an exact replacement internally?The electrical connections look the same size and in same position, as is the supporting bracket.

    And I have seen a few from breaker's w/sites, am I better in buying a new one?

    Should I consider changing the timing belt [changed in 2008, car has low milage] and the water pump?

    Many thanks for advice. Much appreciated.

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    Rather than guessing at parts that may or may not be faulty, it would be a good idea to read any fault codes.
    There are many things that can cause there to be no spark, so I would advise hanging on to your hard earned money until you know what you need to buy.