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Red battery light - alternator replaced and light still on

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Red battery light - alternator replaced and light still on

    Red battery light came on on my 2011 1.2 SE on Sunday night, checked charge and when turned off the battery tested at 12.34v and when running it was at 11.83v.

    Alternator was removed and reconditioned and fitted again this morning, when running its now at 14v however the red battery light is still on?

    Has anyone else seen this issue?

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    Stating the obvious - that shouldn't happen. The warning light initiates the charging process but once the alternator starts to put out the correct current both sides of the warning light are live so it goes out. Is there a connection loose somewhere?
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      Not anything obvious, its strange as im getting a good voltage at the battery.......was concerned that as it was a sudden failure that something had damaged the ECU when the alternator failed (everything was fine, parked car Tuesday night and they it was next started Sunday night and the light was on) but to be fair i just don't know enough...


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        I hope that you have sorted the problem by now, but it is possible that a leak to earth on the thin (blue/white) wire to the alternator would cause the light to remain 'ON' when the engine was running.