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Spanner light issue.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Spanner light issue.

    Can anybody shed any light or experienced a similar fault with their Corsa.

    Mine is a 2006 SXi 1.4 twinport.

    When I switch on the ignition the spanner light does not go out and stays on (not flashing) it goes out seconds after the car is started.
    I also have my EML light on, showing loads of various fault codes.
    When you disconnect the battery and leave it overnight, when starting it the next morning, the EML goes out, but spanner light stays on, after running for 10mins or so the spanner light goes off, but the EML comes on.
    I'm waiting for a guy to get in touch to check it out on Tech 2, but just wondered if anybody else had had this fault.
    I suspect that the BCM is faulty or even worse the fault is with the ECU.
    The central locking doesn't work on the remote button and the spare key (non remote) won't start the car sometimes and all I have is a flashing spanner light.
    The car starts everytime with the main key and runs very well.
    Thanks to anybody who replies..

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    Disconnecting the battery doesn't clear the codes. Get them cleared with diagnostic kit, then see which ones come back as current.
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      I've had the codes cleared with OBD, sadly my friend doesn't have Tech2 to go deeper into the electrics.
      Once cleared the EML light comes back on, my main issue is the spanner light not going out when the ignition is switched on.
      I've just noticed that the cover is missing from the top connector on the ECU, so its looks like water could have got into the wiring of the ECU and causing these problems.


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        The C was always prone to water getting into the ECU even with everything in place so I suspect you're right on that score. You don't need Tech2 - if you've got a laptop buy a copy of OpCom from ebay.
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          Update :
          I have noticed that the engine wiring loom has got some traces of oil at some plug connections,(due to a failed oil pressure switch in the past) so I have removed and cleaned the loom, its now hanging from the garage rafters and I don't see any more oil, hopefully I have caught this before the loom is completely wrecked, as good 2nd hand ones are hard to come by and don't fancy buying a new one.
          The ECU is clean and shows no sign of oil, either on the unit or connector.
          Oil connectors could be the answer as to all my error codes, going to fit it back tomorrow when I have blown all the connectors out with compressed air at my friends workshop.
          I'll keep you informed how things progress..