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Replacing CD30 With Double Din Stereo?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Replacing CD30 With Double Din Stereo?

    Hi, my friend has a Corsa C 55 plate 2005/6 model I think and it has a CD30 stereo in it. I want to buy them a new bluetooth stereo for their birthday and wondered if a double din would fit in ok and what parts I would need. I have had a look at Halfords but when I check if any of the stereos will fit the car, the website always says that I would have to take the car to Halfords for them to check if it would fit. It seems most single din units will fit but if possible I would like to get a double din unit. I have also checked on eBay and most models are either 2004 or 2006 so I am not sure if they will fit.

    Also is it a relatively easy process to fit it yourself if you have all the parts or would you recommend getting a garage or Halfords to do it?

    Thanks for any help.

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    You'll be needing a double din fitting kit which includes everything needed to fit the double din stereo.
    They're a doddle to fit.
    Something like this: Look at this on eBay VAUXHALL CORSA C DOUBLE DIN STEREO FITTING KIT BLACK | eBay
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      I just looked at the link you provided and it says it won't fit a CD30 unit. I think that kit is for cars up to 2004. I was watching this video and there's a part where he is fitting the electrics to the cigarette lighter. I think this is something I am unfamiliar with and perhaps best left to a professional.

      I think maybe the way to go would be to buy a single din unit and fitting kit and then get a garage or Halfords to fit it.


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        This one looks like it'll fit the 2005 model but I can't be 100% sure the listing is correct:


        To be honest if you're unsure and are going to use Halfords anyway I'd suggest going and asking them, it shouldn't take them long to answer the question!


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          Yeah I think you're right. I'll go to Halfords and see what they say.Thanks for your help.