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Recommendation for white H7 headlights?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Recommendation for white H7 headlights?

    As title states, can anyone recommend any road legal bright white lights?

    I'm looking for ones that fit an 2005 design facelift model.

    I'm not finding the standard corsa standard bulbs that bright. We're going to replace the actual casing too due to foggy and misting effect that's present.

    Just thought I'd ask if there is anything in particular anyone could recommend?

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    Try some Osram Nightbreakers. Standard fitting and good light output.

    The standard bulbs should be fine really, I'd suspect that if your casing has let water in that's the real problem. It's worth removing the bulb holder, put the car in the sun and let the lights dry out. Sometimes water gets in and because they are sealed it can't escape, especially if a car has been laid up for a period. Once you get them dry they might be better - unless they are actually leaking in which case replacement is the only option.
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      Thank you for the advice.

      I've just had a quick look at the Haynes manual to replace the bulb and that looks like it's stating the front bumper has to come off?!

      This just seems a little bit silly just for a bulb change. Is there any way to fiddle with it so I wouldn't have to mess with the bumper and just change the bulb?


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        I have never changed headlight bulbs on a C. On a D its recommended you remove the bumper but I have changed both dipped beam ones without removing the bumper and it might be possible on a C.

        On the D you need to remove the air filter air box .You need small hands and its very difficult to see what you are doing. It gets easier the next time you do it but its still a pig of a job.! If you are changing both bulbs its probably easier overall to do as recommended and remove the bumper. Apparently its not diffiucult once you learn how to do it, and might be worth learning if you expect to change the headlights in the future. You'll need torx bits.

        What do you mean by foggy/misting on the casing? Are you sure its wet or is it just the dulling and yellowing oxydisation that can affect clear lenses. If it is this you may be able to get them clear again using a headlight renovation polishing kit.


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          It is silly and I've know people with very small hands manage to change some of the bulbs without removing the bumper, but it's such a fiddly job you're better off biting the bullet and removing the bumper and light units to get at them. Replace all the bulbs whilst you're at it!

          It makes a mockery of the idea that in France you have to carry spare bulbs - no point having spare bulbs if you need to dismantle the car at the roadside in order to fit them.
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            Its not just France where you have to carry a complete set of bulbs. And there are an increasing number of cars where changing a headlight bulb is a nightmare.

            In Bulgaria where I spend a lot of time, and keep my d, you have to carry spare bulbs if they are the normal type but you dont if they are led's!

            When I first found out they were so difficult to change I wasnt concerned. In 8 years I have never has to change a single bulb on on my yaris. Sure enough within a month a dipped beam failed, and I have had to change 2- 3 since. Even with practice it can take half an hour of fiddling per bulb.I hope I never have to do it at the road side under the beady eye of the police. Maybe producing a replacement bulb and lifting the bonnet would be enough to get them bored.

            I find the most fiddly and time consuming bit is replacing the sealed cover properly. If I had to do it at the road side I would probably remove the fixing clip for safe keeping and not replace the cover until I got home.

            When replacing halogen bulbs never touch the glass with your fingers. Even the grease from your sweat can cause them to fail prematurely.

            A little tip that I learned changing D beam dipped bulbs. As you remove the old bulb pay close attention to which way up it fits. Part of the flange is round, with a sort of flattened top with locating lugs in the shape of a T . I cant remember which way up it goes. Then when you replace the bulb plug the wire on before trying to insert the bulb into the headlamp. Start inserting the bulb holding it by the wire and watching its progress from outside, through the headlamp lens. You can see the orientation of the lugs as it enters and twiddle the wire slightly to get it lined up properly. Its then a matter of pushing it fully home using your hand from behind by 'feel'. And because the wire is already plugged on you dont face the difficulty of getting the terminals lined up without being able to see properly. Test the headlight before re-fitting the cover. Its quite fiddly to get the sealed cover seated correctly. It may look correct, but if the wire fixing clip is difficult to get on its not right.
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