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Corsa CDTi 1.3 2014

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  • [All Models] Corsa CDTi 1.3 2014

    Hi all,

    I am new to the forum, so apologies if I am missing posting in a standard format.

    I have recently bought my first car which is the Corsa CDTi 1.3 2014. This has come with no Sat Nav, decent entertainment system or parking sensors.

    Being the first car, I shouldn't expect the world from it, but I am unable to find any of the aftermarket products to choose from above after 4 hours of looking, most likely in the wrong place.

    Are you able to point me in the direction to look at possible options for my car?

    I appreciate any help you can give

    Kind regards,


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    Sat Nav - I'd always go for the separate type rather than retro-fit the inbuilt system. I find the built in ones are too low so your eyes leave the road for too long. Better the type you can stick in the lower corner of the windscreen. Plus when (not if) it breaks you just chuck it and buy a new one.

    Entertainment - I find those three pedals at the bottom, the stick thing in the middle and the whirly wheel in front of you is all the entertainment I need. I believe some modern cars come with a wireless but I've never found a use for such.

    Parking sensors - plenty of aftermarket ones around but they are more trouble than they are worth. The Corsa is an easy car to drive and park anyway. Parking sensors are for the kind of cars bought by people who can't drive.

    If you have bought a 1.3 CDTi with the FIAT engine then make sure it gets a good hard blast on a motorway at frequent intervals. Many people buy them as town cars for the fuel consumption. It is not an engine that survives well on short start-stop journeys. It needs to work hard and will benefit from frequent oil and filter changes. Also make sure it is serviced by somewhere that knows the engine and uses good quality service parts. They will not tolerate poor servicing.

    If you must have additional goodies then you're either going to be looking at aftermarket stuff which can vary in quality enormously, or go OEM which means a conversation with either your local Vauxhall parts dept to see what is available (probably quite expensive for this kind of thing - for service parts they are often quite competitive and you get proper stuff) or find a good breakers. Car Transplants near Nantwich for example have a huge stock of modern vehicles and you can order just about anything from them. Bear in mind that many poverty spec models have the same wiring loom at top of the range versions so it can often be plug and play.
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