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Airbag light SAB6 (71+72)

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] Airbag light SAB6 (71+72)

    Hi. My airbag intermiddently goes on, and stays on till i reset the faultcodes.. It does not turn on immediately after resetting the fault codes, and the codes also mention, they are not present.

    So im having an intermiddent fault on the airbag side sensor, resulting in following codes:
    71 Left Side Airbag Sensor Communication Circuit Malfunction.
    72 Left Side Airbag Sensor Circuit Malfunction.

    So i thought, maybe some of you guys have experience with this fault? I want to know, if i should simply replace the sensor (very cheap at junk yards, so tempting) or is it a cable problem?

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    No way to tell until you try one or the other. If you can get a sensor cheap then I'd start with that and hope it solves it. If it doesn't you're looking at a connection / cable issue and intermittent problems there can be a right pain to track down.

    Incidentally, what kit are you using to reset the codes?
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