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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Indicator problem

    Hi everyone

    new to this forum so hope you can help.

    I have looked at other questions and answers but can't seem to find a similar problem to mine.

    I have 2005 corsa c 1.2 twinport.

    The drivers side indicator flashes intermittently but the passenger side is fine.

    When the engine is not running the problem indicator will not work at all neither will the hazard on that side. As soon as I fire up the engine the indicator starts again.

    The same indicator will not work when I use the remote door lock/unlock.

    Any ideas guys/gals


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    I assume you mean all three indicators on the o/s?

    It sounds like a problem with an earth somewhere since some feed circuits go to earth when the ignition is off. Probably the control module. It's one of those jobs where you have to test everything with a multimeter to track the problem down. If you can't sort it yourself a mobile auto-sparks might be your best bet.
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      Hi Taurus thanks for that. Sorry to sound stupid but what is the control module and where is it?