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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] dip beam headlights

    Hi all having bother with the headlight on my 2015 corsa design the dip beam is almost non existant !! relaced the stock 55watt h7s with 100watt rally bulbs but not much difference got some hids to replace them 35w 3400k and see how that goes my old corolla had h4 bi 100watt bulbs and was brilliant just wondering if there is something wrong here ? any help would be appreciated .... have seen some other vauxhall sites complaining of the same thing bright lights but not much illumination pattern on the road ....has the reflector size got something to do with it? thanks leccie

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    Maybe i am stating the obvious but have you adjusted the headlight beam setting control in the car? It has a scale related to how heavy the car is loaded, but I find in practice its best to adjust it at night to whatever puts the dipped beam pattern furthest ahead and ignore the numbers on the dial. The nearest setting is so close to the car as to be virtually useless.


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      corsa d head lights

      Hi thanks for your reply I do indeed use the head light leveling device ! but the dip beam still will not light the road as I require from this vauxhall car I am waiting for some HID adapters for the corsa I am considering using/buying osram night breaker lazer bulbs to see if this will help. my pals Mercedes has HID as standard and blows away any halogen bulb configeration you can see for miles ahead with the standard oem mercedes stuff see how it goes with the HID conversion best for the new year leccie


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        I though you probably had used the leveller but you never know. Even at its optimum beam setting dipped beam is not very good . I did think of upgrading to brighter halogens but extra light is usually at the expense of shorter life. And mine seems to gobble up even standard 55 watt ones. I have had to replace 3 or 4, and they aint easy to change. (My Yaris has never needed any bulbs replacing in 8 years) Most of my night driving is either well lit urban, or quiet roads mostly on main beam so I have not bothered upgrading,or changing to HID but I would be interested in how you get on with any upgrades.


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          head light bother

          replaced the "blue 100 watt" h7s with osram night breaker + laser bulbs a bit better ! but still not as good as was expecting
          I tried to fit the H.I.D. kit that I got but there are not any adapters to suit the corsa reflectors (at least not that I can find tried fleabay over and over )
          dry fired one H.I.D. and they glow like the sun mega bright as you would expect ! but untill I find suitable holders/adapters that project is on hold for now any one got any ideas for the bulb holders ?
          I may try 100 watt clear H7 rally bulbs
          (my M.O.T.) guy said he wont fail a car if it has bright bulbs as long as the aim is right !!!!!!!!!!!
          any help any one ?