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Issue with key or cars internal system!?!? Please help!

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  • [Corsa C] Issue with key or cars internal system!?!? Please help!

    Hey guys. So i have had a 2004 vauxhall corsa energy cdti which has been sitting with a flat battery for a couple of months. After jump starting the car, letting it run for 20 then driving up to the garage for some diesel when i went to start the car after filling up it wouldnt start and the battery was dead. So off i went to get the jump leads. Once i connected the leads the car had power but would not start and the engine service light was flashing. I had a local mechanic come to look at it and he said it may be a problem with the key. Next day i got rac out to change the battery and they alsi said it may be a problem with the key and pointed me to a company who could get a new key and programme it for me. After calling the company they said that getting a new key wouldnt help and that it sounds like the internal system had come out of sync with the key and that i could just get it resynced at a local vauxhall dealership.

    I have only just learned to drive and dont have any experience with cars so this is all very new to me!

    Do you guys have any experience with this kind of problem and could you please give me some advice! I can get a guy out to change the transponder and reprogramme the key for 60 but im not sure if its going to work!

    My local vauxhall dealership is closed so i dont know how much it would cost to get the system resynced

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    First thing to note is that if your car battery is flat the alternator will not fully recharge it. You need to get it on a trickle charger to make sure the battery is restored to full capacity.

    Second thing is that the keys and the car work in sequence. If you press the key many times out of range of the car then they get out of sequence (I did this once whilst fishing, every time I stood up or sat down I was blipping the key fob but the car was miles away - then ti wouldn't work. But in the manual there is a sequence to re-sync the key to the car using the ignition switch. Or at least there used to be on some Vauxhalls. Do you have the manual for yours, or download one off the internet.

    If the engine management light is flashing that's usually a sign of the immobiliser being activated. The car should turn over but not fire as it cuts the fuel supply off.

    It is hard to say for sure without being able to inspect the car. You may be able to re-sync the key to the car yourself. But I am very wary of using jump leads on modern cars because it can cause issues if there's any kind of spike. I always use a separate starter pack these days. If you got a lead on wrong, or there was a voltage surge, it's possible that has caused the problem. In which case you'll need some professional assistance to check it.

    I'll see if I can find the sequence to sync keys and post a link.

    Try this Synchronising a remote locking fob to your Vauxhall. | eBay
    1972 Viva restoration thread - [url][/url]


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      Actually when i got the car the buttons were pretty worn out and didnt do anything when you press them. And the keys had been sitting in my drawer. So maybe the problem actually startedvwhen the buttons stopped working. Could they have been out of sync all this time? Although the car did start on the first jump... maybe after the battery going dead again it could have lost all synchrony?