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Electrical Fualt that means everything is glitching

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Electrical Fualt that means everything is glitching

    Ok so I have got a strange one here about my 2007 Corsa D 1,3 CDTI

    I was driving to work in traffic and it was kinda stop-start and I came to pull away and the engine clunked out, whether I stalled or not I am not sure but the upshot is that for love nor money could I get the thing started again. at the roadside I tried disconnecting the battery and reconnecting it, checking none of the fuses 'looked' blown and then called my breakdown.

    They came and just went into recovery mode with the plan of towing me home but I asked whilst we waited for a proper lorry to arrive if he could try jump starting it, he used a jumper box thing and it started first time no problems, leading me to believe it was a battery issue, anyway I still got it recovered because I didn't trust it one bit.

    Got it home and decided to rule out things systematically my thinking being at this point it was the battery as the jumper started it so I tried again, attempting to jump start it from my mums car.. nothing, not turning over or anything, all I could here was a bunch of smaller clicks from the relays in the fuse box and one larger click coming from what I can only presume to be the starter motor solenoid within the engine block

    I then thought ok, it might be the starter motor so I tried bumping starting it, again to absolutely no avail

    in the interest of keeping this as short as possible, I have tested all relays and fuses, the battery (reading 13V) and the interior/ exterior lights are very intermittent when the key is in, sometimes I get nothing, sometimes I get everything except the engine turning over and sometimes I get weird flashing and buzzing

    I really don't know what else to try so any suggestions would be mutch appreciated.

    Thank you
    Joseph Poxon

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    To be honest it's pretty impossible to say anything for sure with that kind of information. It could be something as simple as a loose or corroded earth so check those. Put the battery on charge - the voltage shown doesn't necessarily mean that the battery is fully charged. Jump starting via jump leads isn't for sure unless they're top quality leads connected to a decent starter pack. (Plus it depends how you connect them - if you do battery to battery and there's a bad earth it won't make any difference). The clicks etc sound like the system isn't getting sufficient juice.

    Interesting that the breakdown guy went straight into recovery mode. I guess he's had experience of these FIAT engines before.
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        Get the battery tested under load. Most tyre places that sell batteries will do it.

        I had one on my motorcycle last month that just went instantly. Still showed a good 12.8v until I put load through it, then it dropped to under 1v.
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