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Corsa UTE 1.8sport intermittent stalling

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Corsa UTE 1.8sport intermittent stalling

    Hi, recently my ute had been intermittently stalling whilst driving. Changed my crank angle sensor and thought it was sorted. Two weeks later I struggle to start intermittently...but it starts first time every morning...and it cranks the engine. I then removed the idle stepper valve and cleaned it with throttle body cleaner, and cleaned the throttle body as well. Struggled to start but it end started after three swings. Must the ecu first reset? And must you drive your car in order for the ecu to reset?

    Any other suggestions what this fault can be?

    2007 1.8 sport corsa c ute

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    We don't get the ute so I guess you're not in the sunny UK. The ecu should work without needing a reset but as you say it can take a few starting cycles to stabilise. You'll need a code reader to clear the ecu.

    I assume it fires from cold but is struggling when hot? Two thoughts, a failing battery can do that. The Vauxhall ignition needs lots of amps to fire up and with compressions higher on a hot engine a weak battery can struggle to start a hot engine. Or the coolant temp sensor may be weakening leading to a too rich mix when hot.
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      a failing air flow meter can give all sorts of stalling( as when slowing down and turning corners ,slight misfire on accelerating tens to get worse as the car heats up and the fuel ratio changes. The three very delicate wires in the air flow body gradually get contaminated by the incoming airflow and send wrong info to the ECU and can give many fault codes.try this as it is a very common fault.


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        Also - put up some pics, love the Utes!
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