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Heater Motor Resistor Replacement

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Heater Motor Resistor Replacement

    Hope you're all well

    I realise this is a bit of a classic issue for the Corsa D, but I have been having issues with my blower not working.

    I suspect that the problem is the resistor (if I kick in the correct place under the passenger's side dashboard it starts working again for a while) and have bought the replacement resistor unit, but I can't for the life of me locate where the resistor unit is under the dash there! I've referred to my Haynes manual, YouTube videos, forums and other websites and they all seem to be telling me the same thing - there should be a cable coming out of a white plastic section way in the foot well that is obvious, but I can't for the life of me see it! The plastic section seems to be there, but there is nothing poking out of it to remove and replace.

    Now I realise the D went over a few revisions in it's life, so I'm wondering whether mine, as a 57 plate, is different in it's placement. Anyone got any ideas?

    For the record, mine is a 57 plate Corsa Design 1.4l Design, if that makes any difference.


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    Hi. Welcome to the forum

    I had a quick look on my 2010 diesel and couldnt see anything, but it is left hand drive so may be completely different anyway. Most things seem to be hidden by panels etc. I dont want to dismantle anything as I am going away tomorrow and dont want to tempt fate!
    On my LHD car you have to remove the glovebox to change the pollen filter and its not difficult , just 4 screws IIRC. Have you done this? It may give you a better view. There is quite a bit of 'white box' under there. Maybe you could not see the correct part of it.
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      Thanks for the response. I know how you feel about not wanting to dismantle stuff on a whim!!

      Yeah, I've had the glovebox out in the name of this issue, but for the love of me I can't find it. Most of the videos I've seen suggest the actual resistor unit is well in the footwell anyway, so it isn't really necessary to take the glovebox. The fact that I can't find it suggests I've either got to get my eyesight checked or my car is different to most (leading me to think that as an earlier model, maybe it was changed in an early revision of the D).

      I will update you when I've had a chance to look again - hopefully with good news!!



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        Welcome to the Forum.

        I can't help with the location of resistor pack I'm afraid, but if it is possible to trace the wiring between the switch and the heater blower, you should come across it.
        I do hope that your new resistor pack is at least equal to the original, as there is a chance of these things overheating.