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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] parasitic battery drain

    Hi all,

    I've got an problem with my sons 55 plate corsa 1.2 petrol, everything works fine, but there's a battery drain of 0.13 amps, not much I know but if it's not driven for 5 days it won't start. I know the battery's good cos' if I disconnect it then it stays charged. I've tracked the drain down to fuse no.3, which controls the horn, hazzards, instruments and immobiliser, I've tried disconnecting the horn, taking the relay out of the hazzards, but the drain is still there, if I remove the fuse then most of the dash lights don't work and the car doesn't run, which I guess is the immobiliser doing it's immobilising!!. Also, and this bit I really don't get, when you pull the fuse, the rear side lights come on?
    Any ideas/ tips greatly appreciated, I thought of putting a switch across the fuse to turn the drain off, but then the rear lights would be on, making a larger drain.

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    Hi. welcome to the forum

    I dont know much about the black arts of car electrics and cant offer a solution, just further ideas that might help in diagnosis. Does the 0.13 amp drain reading alter at all if you adjust the instrument panel lights rheostat or if you remove the rear light bulbs? Maybe something is shorting to earth via a component protected by number 3 fuse. If you remove its easiest path by pulling the fuse it might find the next best path by making a circuit through the rear light bulbs.


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      Thanks Bugman, good ideas, I'll have a play around.