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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] central locking locks itself

    my corsa c 54 plate 1.3cdti has started locking itself. First did it while blowing up tyre on drive. Key was in ignition and I had already opened ad closed the drivers door.
    thanks in advance

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    It is worth checking the condition of the wiring inside the convoluted connection between the door and the door pillar, particularly on the drivers side.
    With constant opening and closing of the door(s), the wiring can eventually suffer a mechanical breakdown.



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      As walksall says its possible the car has not sensed the door was opened. Do the interior lights still react normally to door opening?
      On my 2010 D the system is quite sophisticated.I dont know if the C is the same. If a locked car is unlocked but no doors are opened for 5 minutes it will relock. But I have just done an experiment . The car does NOT relock if the key is in the ignition, even if the ignition has not been switched on.(without doors being opened) The car senses the key is there and this probably accounts for the fact the radio (and I think the interior lights) stay on even after the ignition is switched off, until you remove the key. Does your car also do this trick with the radio etc -and if so does it still do it? It might help with diagnosis.

      Another possibility is the condition of your key. Is it possible it might be a bit gunged up with corrosion etc and gave a false locking signal? My car has a switch that lets you centrally lock the car from inside as a safety feature. Is it possible this got knocked or is playing up?
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        For info - The delay when the door is unlocked with the remote but remains unopened on the C is ca 60 seconds.

        Could be a problem with the torsion spring in the lock. If the spring was substantially weakened/broken, inflating the tyre - whilst unlikely - may have vibrated the car enough to 'trip' the lock mechanism.

        In such circumstances of a weakened/broken spring, gravity is acting on the locking mechanism in the door without the opposing force of the spring and it takes very little for it to lock itself (and lock the keys in - possibly whilst in the ignition if I recall correctly)

        Read what occurred on my Corsa C and how I fixed it (read post #1, #4 and then from post #11 onwards)

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