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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Hazard Lights

    The Hazard lights on my Corsa CDTI 2006 Model activate on their own, seems to happen after a run, when the drivers door is opened to re enter the car The switch doesn't operate, Disconnection of the battery, leave for a few minutes and the problem stops and the hazard lights operate normally. Had an auto electrician look at it but he cant find anything wrong!!
    Can any body advise ?

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    Could the problem be related to an alarm system fitted to the car? Maybe no longer in use. My 2010 corsa d has an alarm fitted. Its not standard but is the official Opel accessory and was probably fitted by the main dealer. Actually it is a pain in the bum and I would remove it were it not so deeply integrated with the car electronics.


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      Thanks for the reply however there isn't an alarm fitted, there may have been in the past how could I determine this ?


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        The alarm idea is only one possibility. There may be other reasons.

        Many alarms are retro fitted,often as a diy job. The are often spiced into the hazard light circuit so they flash when the alarm is set or activated. The location of the control box and method of connecting up the wires depends on who fitted it.

        You could try checking the wiring near the hazard light switch, and the indicators stalk and trace it as far back as you can before it is buried into a loom bundle.You are looking for signs that additional wiring has been spliced in. This may be fairly obvious ,especially if they have used scotch lock quick splice connectors, or bullet connectors.

        Also check under the dashboard and under the bonnet to see if there are any control boxes with wiring that do not appear original. Also check the fuse box to see if wiring has been added by using a piggy back connector on a fuse.But dont disconnect anything until you are sure what it is.
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