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ticking noise and everything dies

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] ticking noise and everything dies

    Hi people. Recently bought an 02 1.2 sxi for the missus and when you put the key in all rhe lights on the dash dim, it wont turn over and there is a ticking noise from whag seems to be under the fuse box. Can hear the fuel pump fire up n thats it. The ticking continues even after the jey has been taken out and the only way to stop it is to disconect the battery. Any ideas? Cheers lee

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    Welcome to the forum. The basic symptoms sound like the battery is almost flat. But I dont know why it continues ticking with the key removed Have you tried starting the car using a charged battery,jump leads, push start etc?


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      As aid above.
      If that 'ticking' is heavy (machine-gun like) it is probably caused by the starter solenoid clicking in and out, due normally to a flat battery, although poor/dirty connections can also cause it.
      The only way that the ticking (if the solenoid is the cause) can continue when the key is removed, is if the solenoid itself is faulty.



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        Many thanks to the pair af you. The battery was fully charged. But the connectors were a bit filthy. I changed the relay in the fuse box as i could feel it ticking when i put my hand on it as i thought that ciuld be the problem. It continued ticking but now it seems tk have stopped and all is well again. Although i have a different problem now, as in i cant remove the exhaust manifold as its cracked as all the bolts are seized. Oh well, thats cars for you haha. Thanks for the help


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          Exhaust manifold bolts/studs can be a real pain due to heat and rusting. Even if you use lots of good quality penetrating fluid it can still be a matter of luck whether the nut comes off a stud (or a bolt unscrews from its tapped hole) or the bolt/stud shears off leaving you with the problem of removing broken studs I have never removed a corsa manifold so I dont know if it uses bolts, or studs with nuts. If it uses nuts you could cut the nuts off using a nut splitter rather than risking stud breakage trying to unscrew them by brute force. Have new nuts ready. If you do use penetrating fluid use a good quality specialised one. Then use a dispersant such as wd 40 to help it penetrate even better. While some people use wd40 on its own as a penetrating fluid its not ideal for this purpose.Its a jack of all trad