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Will this double din unit fit?

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Will this double din unit fit?

    I'm just looking at changing the head unit in my cords d and I like the look of this one. Will this fit in to my car and if so what additional adaptors or accessories would I need to make it work?

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    Any advice would be great .

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    Yes it will fit. You'll need a wiring adapter and a fascia adapter.


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      Originally posted by Danny View Post
      Yes it will fit. You'll need a wiring adapter and a fascia adapter.
      Cheers Danny,

      This is the first time I have changed the unit in the car. Can you help me with which wiring adaptor and facia I would need. I'm assuming it's the ISO connector?

      Thanks again


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        I think this will be ok: Vauxhall Astra H Corsa C Zafira B QUADLOCK FAKRA Wiring Harness CT20VX01 Lead | eBay
        Two things are included in this listing:
        Antenna adaptor, to fit in ISO aftermarket radio from Vauxhall Corsa D plug called 'Fakra'
        ISO to quadlock adapter, to power radio and sent signal to all speakers. You will also need to get this splitter Piggy Back Mini Blade Fuse Holder with 3 Fuses 12V 15A Fuse Tap ATM Add Circuit | eBay to hook into your fuse box, to get IGNITION SIGNAL +12V. Without it, your aftermarket radio will not power up.
        And lastly, you need fascia in same color. Just type corsa fascia into ebay and scroll down until you see double din size.


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          Thanks for the info .I notice this is listed as corsa c and obviously mine is a d so would this require a different adaptor. Also I have heard about additional steering wheel adaptors and I wanted to use some of the added functions such as dab radio and reversing camera so what added equipment would this require. Thanks again for the help