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Corsa D 1.0 petrol 61 plate

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D 1.0 petrol 61 plate

    Hi guys,

    corsa D 1.0 petrol 61 plate 5 sped manual ran perfectly,parked up for two days, now it's a non starter, I have all the ignition lights as usual plus a car with a spanner through it and a steering wheels with an exclamation mark, there's a capital F above the mileage but it won't let my code reader link to the car
    everythings as it should be but when I turn the key I get a click from the relay box beside the battery, the black 50Arelay is clicking I'm 99% sure, one click when I turn the key to start, one click when I release the key.
    battery hasn't been an issue, never had a problem starting previously, could this be an immobiliser issue?
    the two keys open and lock the car, put the ignition on etc just nothing apart from a single click
    all advice gratefully received
    cheers Drew
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    Check the battery first of all. You say is hasn't been an issue but that's no guarantee it isn't now. They can suddenly fail. Last one that went on me was fine in the morning, totally dead in the afternoon.
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      I agree - check the battery...