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Can ECU be affected by oil in the wiring?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Can ECU be affected by oil in the wiring?

    Dear all. Sorry for the long story

    Corsa C (1.0 litre 12V) 2003

    Three days ago when driving, the Engine Electronics light came on and the car lost power. Managed to drive to an Opel workshop.

    The Opel mechanic used his computer to look for the fault. I didn't see the code. He asked if we had recently changed the oil pressure sensor. I said yes about a month ago. He then looked at the wiring. He said with this model car oil can travel along the wiring and affect the electrical contacts causing the fault.

    He then disconnected 3 connections and blew them out with air and brake cleaner. He looked for any oil but there was none in the contacts. The problem went away. He pointed out the connector on the top of the engine was the one that affected the power.

    An hour later it happened again. We had brought some cleaner and compressed air so I did the same trick. So far all is OK. However the Exhaust Emission light now remains on. But the car has power.

    Here's my questions.

    1. Is this the case that oil can travel on the wires/cables?

    2. Does the wiring need replacing? The mechanic suggested it might.

    3. Any other suggestions or advice please?

    Wondering why the engine electronics light came on in the first place

    I did also the brake/throttle test. I got 5 codes after which the light stayed off which i assume means there's no more codes

    The codes are as follows. I assume the prefix is "P"? Can anyone please confirm the code description?


    Wondering why the engine electronics light came on in the first place

    Thanks in advance
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    Short answer is that oil does indeed get into the wiring and cause ECU problems. It is a very common issue on these engines.

    You can google the codes, or use the bit on here about reading codes.
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      Thanks. I had no idea oil could travel down the harness.

      I cant see any oil in the connectors though. Doesn't mean it's not there i guess.

      I will google the codes and see it i can get an accurate description

      I will also disconnect the battery for 30 minutes and see if the codes clear, then wait for them to reappear. Here's hoping they don't.



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        Disconnecting the battery won't affect codes stored (only the early 90's 8v engines did that) - you need diagnostic kit to clear the codes.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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