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outside air temperature gauge fault

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] outside air temperature gauge fault

    Outside Temperature gauge on my corsa d was giving no reading, just an 'F' for fault. Did some research and found its a common problem with vauxhall/opel. On my D the sensor is plugged into the black plastic grill under the number plate.Once you know what the sensor looks like its really quite obvious as it actually sticks out.

    I was lucky. A cable plugs into the sensor and this had dropped off. I was able to slip my hand in from under the car, retrieve the cable and plug it back on. I gave a squirt of switch cleaner first. And it worked. 33 degrees. (about right. I am in Bulgaria)

    I suspects the cable was detached by someone using a pressure washer. (I had left the car at an airport parking service who valeted it) There was also some slight flattening of radiator fins which may have been caused by this. Not enough to worry about but one reason I personally dont pressure wash in this area.

    I think it should be just possible to replace the sensor without removing the front bumper,but its a tight fit slipping your hand up to reach it.

    Some have reported that sensor replacement did not cure their fault. The cable and plug are really exposed to the weather and it may be worth giving the connections a clean first. you may not need a replacement sensor

    So I dont need help. But this may help others searching.