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Corsa Enjoy 2016 Usb Mod

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa Enjoy 2016 Usb Mod


    I just bought a Corsa yesterday, with the new InteliLink system (carplay)

    I will be using carplay all the time, but I'm a little worried about the USB cable is where the cups are.

    So any of you who has a tip of what I could do to "hide" the cable a bit. So I dot have 0,5m cable where the cups is ?


    Please attach images, if you have.

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    Welcome to the forum. There may be a wireless solution using bluetooth dongles and receivers etc but I know nothing about that sort of thing. If not you may be able to improve cable routing by using a usb cable with 90 degree plug, or using a 90 degree adapter. You can get various types, left or right,up or down. If you want to camouflage a black cable where it crosses lighter areas try wrapping that part of the cable with masking tape,sealed with sellotape.
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