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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Traction control light on

    Ever since doing conversion it's been on, hoped it would go off when fitted new rear beam and sensors. Still on.

    Does it need re-setting or switching off? Or any other ideas?

    Google is just full of questions on how to turn abs itself off

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      From memory of how the system works the light comes on when it senses wheel slip on the front wheels - or when the system is manually overridden. Might not be the case on yours but that's how it's worked on other Vauxhalls I've had. How did the conversion go re. the ABS rotors and sensors - ie in terms of are they the same source as the ECU?
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        Hi, thanks for reply

        Light has been on since before car turned a wheel unde firs own power.

        The abs sensors. The rears were on the rear disc beam, from a Sri model, but not same model engine came from.

        The front hub sensors are from the original 1.2 car


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          Also wondered if was a way to reset it, to see if comes back on now I have every plugged in?

          As originally drove new engine when car had original drums still on


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            I suspect there is a mismatch between the sensors & the ECU. I don't have a car with TC on it at the moments and I've lent my opcom to someone so I can't check what functions it has re. TC. But on most of them you can turn the TC off anyway. Your original dash won't have the TC switch though - and it depends what BCM you are using. (This is why conversions aren't my thing - too many variables which I'm too lazy to figure out.)
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              Yeah, I find it really strange there is a traction control light to start with.
              I've read online about removing fuse but also disabled abs, and it's a bodge.

              I have opcom, I'm not too familiar but when messing around I can find traction control on a list, but no option to turn it off.

              So you think it's worth just replacing the sensors? Any idea if battery off for a while would reset the light?


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                Battery being disconnected won't reset it - without knowing what you've swapped over (I assume the vehicle the engine & ecu came from had TC fitted whilst your Corsa doesn't) there won't be a full working system. The light being on says the system isn't operating anyway. I think I'd just remove the bulb from the TC light.
                1972 Viva restoration thread -


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                  It's not that easy on Corsa c speedos though, or I actually would just do that.

                  The bulb is shared by 4/5 different symbols


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                    Might be worth mentioning.

                    I have quite a few different lights to what I'm used to

                    Oil level light (always comes on)
                    Eps light
                    Traction control light.

                    Don't remember any of these on my speedo before conversion (I used ecu kit off a 1.8)


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                      Slight update:/

                      Changed the n/s abs sensor, for no particular reason really.

                      Light is still on.


                      With abs pump unplugged these lights appear on dash, as opposed to pic underneath with abs module plugged back in?