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X20xev into corsa 1.0 12v

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  • [Corsa B 1993-2000] X20xev into corsa 1.0 12v

    Hi guys I've wired in a x20xev calibra engine into my corsa using a cavalier ecu chip and transponder

    1.0 corsas ecus are mounted on inlet manifold not drivers side footwell like normal, so I pulled loom back into footwell and extended it and connected a corsa sport 9 pin plug onto the end 9 wires colour for colour


    Red 12v going to battery terminal
    Black 12v switched live going to wire in engine bay
    Green Rev counter
    Blue coolant
    Thin Red blue transponder
    Blue/brown transponder
    Yellow brown eml
    Brown white
    Thick blue/red fuel pump

    Then connected the other end of 9 pin plug into calibra loom again colour for colour

    It turns over but won't get a spark or fuel so I bridged the fuel relay in behind glovebox still nothing, have I missed something stupid or? Plugs in engine bay are getting 12v checked Afm coilpack and coolant temp sensor to name a few

    Could crank sensor be faulty? Previous owner said engine ran I've no proof though. Ordered a new crank sensor anyway..

    Would it be easier ripping dash loom out and fitting an 8v or sport 16v one and starting again? Any ideas? Please help

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