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Car and Spanner Light Issue

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Car and Spanner Light Issue

    Hi Guys,

    This is my issue as best i can describe it.

    When i go out to the car in the morning i start the ignition and turn the car over. The Car with the spanner warning light stays on the dashboard. I drive for around 30 secs and pull over turning off the ignition. Once i put the ignition back on and turn it over again the warning light disapears but now the car starts and then dies after a couple of seconds. It will continue to do this until i rev the car after starting it and then all is ok. Car drives fine no light and no cutting out. I can then go the rest of the day with the car starting and not having the car and spanner light stay on as long as i dont leave it standing for over 4-5 hours. If i do it will repeat the process. Any idea what could be causing this issue?

    This is the exact same issue without fail every morning.

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    It might help if you tell us what year / model / engine it is.

    Best thing in any case is to start by checking the codes - most of them can be checked without need for diagnostic kit. Just look in the tutorial section how to check for fault codes.
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      Sorry - Its a 2007 1.7 CTDi. I believe the pedal test stuff is difficult to work out as i have tried this before. I have a OBD II fault code reader but i i think that is more useful for engine management issues


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        Well it sounds like an engine management issue to me so read the codes.
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