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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Central Brake Light

    Hey guys,

    My granny's 57 Plate CDTi SXi is having some issues, the high level brake light has gone kaput. I thought maybe it was a bulb but they are SMD's. The fuses are fine for the brake lights and the taillight bulbs are fine. Has anyone else had this issue? do i just need to replace the bar.

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    Check (1) Use a voltmeter or multimeter connected to the live feed at the light unit - the other side of the meter connected to a known good earth. You should get battery voltage there when the ignition is switched 'on' and the brake pedal pressed.
    If there is no voltage there, either there is a break/poor connection in the feed, or the earth connection is not as good as you thought.
    Check (2) Leave the meter connected to the live feed, but now connect the other meter lead to the earth wire at the light unit. If there was battery voltage in check (1) with the ignition 'on' and the brake pedal pressed, but no voltage in check (2) the earth connection from the light unit is at fault.