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No brake lights except brake light bar

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] No brake lights except brake light bar

    This issue was brought to my attention today but I don't know how long ago it could have been going on for

    Both brake lights on my rear light clusters have both stopped working, the brake bar lights up when the brake is pressed but that's it.

    I've checked the replaced the 7.5 fuse and checked the bulbs and all seems OK.. does anyone know what could cause this and if it's an easy fix or should I take it to the garage.. I don't want to get pulled because of it!

    It's a 07 corsa

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    Have you actually seen those bulbs light up if placed elsewhere? Or tried new bulbs in the holders. It's amazing how often seemingly good bulbs turn out to be dud.

    If the bulbs are definitely good then use a multimeter and check for current at the bulb holders and also for earth continuity.
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