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Indicators not working or hazards

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Indicators not working or hazards

    1.2 2005 TWINPORT

    Just got car recently and on the way home from work I had no Indicators or Hazard lights (was raining)
    Where is the fuse for Indicators or relay to check

    By the time I parked the car up and got in (drove for 25 mins motorway)
    Changed from work went back out to try it and now they all work again

    Is water getting into something?

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    It may be worth checking fuse number three, but in honesty, this fuse also feeds other items, so as you haven't mentioned anything other than indicators and hazard lights, it probably isn't a fuse fault - It's still worth pulling the fuse out and checking for corrosion on its terminals.

    By any chance, is the passenger side front carpet wet?? - The reason for asking, is that the Body Control Module (BCM) is situated under the bonnet, up against the bulkhead. If rain water gets into the BCM (not unknown!) it can also get inside the car, the wet carpet being the tell-tale of this.
    If the carpet happens to be dry, do NOT remove the top of the BCM unless you have a new lid/seal/screws for it, or you will be inviting it to leak by putting the old ones back.
    Water/moisture inside the BCM could well account for this intermittent problem.



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      Hi yes passengers side is wet also


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        If the coolant level keeps falling, you may have a leak on the heater rather than a rain water leak, but if the coolant level is steady, the it will be due to rain water.

        It is possible to remove the BCM top, dry it out and re-seal with silicone sealant BUT if you put the top back before the sealant has gone off, you may be effectively glueing the two halves together, which is OK until you need access at a later date. On the otherhand, if you leave it to cure for too long, you may not get a good enough seal.

        If you remove the glove box fro the passenger side, you will find a large hole which goes into the BCM, if it is wet around this area, you have found the leak! DO NOT