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HELP! 2011 Corsa 1.4 Sri Starting Issue

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] HELP! 2011 Corsa 1.4 Sri Starting Issue


    I have a starting issue usually just once a week that all I have to do is back the key off to position 0 and try again then it starts first time for another week, after the third or forth week it becomes more frequent have returned it to vauxhall as it's still under warranty they couldn't find any issues on the diagnostic machine so they've tried a new key as both main key and spare react the same, when it becomes more frequent I've replaced the battery in the central locking remote which seems to reset the sequence, however just getting the new key on Wednesday and the cold weather seems to have worsened the problem as it failed to start first time Thursday night and Friday Morning both times the temperature was only 1.5 to 2 degree's on the corsa's thermometer, anyone else had this problem if so what was the outcome?

    Thanks PDSTANDEN
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    Are you doing a lot of short journeys? The battery voltage will drop in cold weather and the engine is harder to crank. Vauxhall engines need plenty of battery power to fire them up as the cranking can reduce the voltage available to the ignition system. I've known them to crank over but simply not fire. The battery voltage with engine off should read at least 12.5v, but that of itself doesn't say the battery is fully charged.

    The thing to remember is that an alternator does not fully charge a battery, it only replaces the starting charge. (The older dynamos would fully charge a flat battery.) So I'd suggest giving it an overnight trickle charge to bring the battery up to full charge, then see if the problem persists. A lot of people drive round with batteries only partially charged but just enough to usually start the car. Give it a cold morning and conditions just push it to where it won't start.
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