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Engine management light - unknown fault code

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine management light - unknown fault code


    I've got an issue with the engine management light on my 2008 Corsa 1.2.

    Last week I bought a new USB phone charger which I now believe to be faulty. However, at the time I didn't know that and plugged it into my cigarette lighter. A few minutes later, the engine management light came on.

    I have done the pedal test and the fault code is 5534. However, after looking on various forums I'm unable to identify what this code refers to.

    If I disconnect my battery, the light goes off but comes back on a few days later.

    Can anyone shed any light on what the potential problem might be? Apart from the EML being illuminated, the car seems to be running perfectly.


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    No idea what the code is but disconnecting the battery will make no difference, the code will be stored on the ECU. Best bet is to use a code reader to clear all codes, it'll probably flush it out of the system and it won't reappear. If the faulty charger caused the code that's what I'd expect anyway. I had something similar with a mobile device that triggered an airbag code a while back. Cleared the ECU memory and it was all good again.
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