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Engine fan sender unit problem repost

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Engine fan sender unit problem repost

    Two days ago i posted about my engine fan coming on as soon as you turn ignition on- there were some suggestions about the temperature sending unit maybe foulty- but i bought and install a new one but samething still happens-

    Please help

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    Best keep to the same thread as it helps keep track of where you're up to. If I remember right this is a later model which doesn't have a thermoswitch in the radiator - ?

    The ECU controls the fan using information from the CTS. Not sure why you replaced the CTS unless there were other signs it was faulty - eg running rich, problems starting from hot.

    Check the cable loom, a break in one of the wires can cause this problem. You may need to test the wires for continuity as most of the time they break internally and there's no sign of a break in the outer insulation. Also make sure that your ECU earth is good. Check all your fuses as well - not sure which model yours is so can't be specific so check them all or refer to your handbook.

    Just to check - is your coolant level OK? If you've had to top it up or got an airlock in it that can cause the fan to run.
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      Hi there- i got opel corsa sedan 1, 6 2006 model- its go 175/65 14 inch standard reams- just wanna know please if i can or allowed to put 185/60 14 inch or 185/ 55 14 inch on those same standard reams?



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        Wanna put iether of those tyre sizes on the same standard original reams- can it be do?


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          Suggest that you start a new thread for that one, or people will think that it is about your other topic.