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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] ECU disconnection

    Hi- what happens if one disconnects ECU over nite and put it back on next morning? trying to reboot it- opel corsa sefa 1.6 2oo6 model


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    I think usually people just disconnect the battery overnight, that'll reset everything then. Be careful though as your radio might want the code to start back up afterwards


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      Thanks man relly appreciate yo info- it makes a huge difference

      Thanx a mill


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        Nothing will happen. The old 8v ECUs will reset if you disconnect the battery but on all 16v engines disconnecting does nothing unless it is for a very long time - as in months. If you want to reset any 16v ECU you'll need to use a diagnostic device.
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          Pls help-i posted an article about the engine fan that comes on 10 seconds after turn on engine- opel corsa c 1.6 sedan 2006- couple of experts suggested a faulty temperature sending sensor, i replaced still same- took it to couple of auto electrician some thought ecu is foulty needs scanning and reprogrammed- some suggested is becouse aircon isn't regassed-
          Dont know what to do anymore

          Pls help im frustated


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            It was checked if its bypassed, but its not- also checked continuity its there


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              As the fan does NOT come 'on' when you turn on the ignition, but does come on soon after starting the engine, the fan motor must be picking up a feed from somewhere.
              The obvious place to start checking, is with the fan relay. Withdraw said relay and see if the fault is still there.
              If it is, the fault is obviously after the relay, so there MAY be a fault in the wiring.
              If the fan no longer runs after pulling the relay, the fault may be the relay itself, or again a wiring problem, but this time affecting the wiring that feeds the relay coil.
              If the actual problem is there continually (as opposed to an intermittent fault) it shouldn't be too difficult to locate.



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                Thank you so much- i actually located the problem- You were right there were two wires (earth) inlet and outlet coming or going to the switch that were touching each other- separated them and now fans coming on there way it should be- though both fans coming on simultaneously i dont know whether or not in normal- but it works- thanks so much you sorted im problem- i very happy about that- Will you pls explain to me if its normal for both fans to come on at the same time- at midium speed?
                Again thanks