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multiple misfire on no3 cly

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] multiple misfire on no3 cly

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    Start with the basics and work through things systematically.

    Make sure the plugs and filters are OK. Replace the plugs because a dud plug is hard to spot.
    If you swapped the coilpack and it's the same then chances are it's not the coilpack.
    Swap the injectors round to see if the misfire follows the injector.

    The fact it ran OK for ten miles suggests it not major mechanical failure with no 3 cylinder, but if you can check compression s that's useful information.

    Now - from experience with these engines, a sticking EGR valve can occasionally cause a misfire on the last cylinder, you get a misfire code that then causes a persistent misfire even if the EGR resets itself. And you don't get an EGR fault code showing.

    The way to tell is to switch the engine off, clear the codes, unplug the EGR and try driving it. You'll get an EGR fault code but ignore it. If that is the cause the reason it ran OK for ten miles is because the seller cleared the codes and it only misfired once the EGR glitches again.

    Theory says that shouldn't happen but believe me it does!

    Keep us updated with progress.
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      thanks so tonight i put in 3 different plugs and reset 300 and 303 codes and away she went for about 10 MILES then engine light back on and running rough but switch her off then back on now light is back off and running fine. that was all the time i had b back on it tomorrow


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        OK, so try clearing the codes and unplugging the EGR, see what happens.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -


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