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Corsa D, 1.2, 11 Reg, No throttle

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D, 1.2, 11 Reg, No throttle

    After a recent drive I parked in a supermarket car park. On returning I started the car and it ran perfectly but had no accelerater and I kept stalling the car before I realised what was going on. Then noticed the yellow warning light on. Called green flag and when they arrived an hour later the fault had gone. He checked the fault codes with his hand reader and there was no logged faults.

    I had it checked by the local garage that their diagnostics showed no fault codes other than what they called a redundant fault code of P16F3.

    I am reluctant to take the car on any long runs in case it happens again

    Any ideas what it could be?

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    The newer electronics are more complex and if you Google that code you'll get something along the lines of it gets logged when the engine stalls, so it's not a current fault code.

    No throttle is possibly a bad connection in the throttle electronics - they are drive by wire rather than a cable connecting the throttle pedal to the throttle body. It is not unknown for some type of glitch to cause a one-off issue so it may never repeat. On the other hand if there is a loose connector or damp has got in somewhere it may occur again.

    The throttle works by a potentiometer at the top of the throttle pedal which is connected to a second potentiometer on the throttle control. It could be either of them, usually it's the one on the pedal that fails the most. But you usually get symptoms of erratic throttle and a warning code stored. So I'd take a punt on it being either a bad connection or a glitch - possibly caused by low battery voltage? It's worth checking the battery as if you do a lot of round town driving the battery charge can drop to a pretty marginal level without you being aware of it. They don't charge to full capacity on a long run either - you need an occasion trickle charge to bring them back to full capacity. Low voltage will cause all sorts of problems with the newer electronics.
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