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Corsa D Blower Motor

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Corsa D Blower Motor

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    Not sure which loom connector you are referring to. A pphoto would help.

    If it's burnt out I'd find out why because a short behind there can lead to a fire, as some Zafira owners have discovered. When I need to repair something like that I buy a replacement connector and make sure everything is soldered properly with good quality connections. If it's the connector onto the resistor then that's a bit more tricky if it is the part onto the resistor that is damaged. if it is the female side of the connection best bet is to buy a new one from a parts dept and replace it.
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      HI i have attached a link to the pictures, i think the previous resistor has blown. As you can see by the picture the first brown cable is burnt. What do you think of chopping the connector then choc blocking another one on.
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        Click image for larger version

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          Don't choc block it - you really need to cut back to clean cable then solder the tabs on and insert them into a replacement block. Doing that in situ can be tricky due to access, in which case what you can do is to make up a new bit of loom extension and then use a generic connection block to add the new part onto the original cable. Use good quality cable as it will be carrying a fair current behind the glove compartment so you don't want it getting warm.
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