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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] engine check light

    can anyone give me some clue to what can be causing daughters engine check light is on last mot it was a advisory. i got the car for her in October this year had one month left on the mot. it past it,s mot on friday so there is nothing wrong with emissions. i tried disconnecting the battery left it of for about 10 min that worked took the car for a drive and engine check light stayed of started the car back up and the spanner light came on turned the car of then on again spanner light went of and the engine check light came back on did all the before the mot any suggestions

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    It would help to know the engine and year, also mileage and service history.

    Depending on year and model you may be able to check the fault code without diagnostic kit, or you may need to connect a reader.

    Only the old 8 valve engines reset the ECU by disconnecting the battery. On 16 v engines it makes no difference, you can only clear codes using a scanner.
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      it is a x reg 2001 sxi 16v 1.2 semi service history the


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        You'll need a code reader on it to check the fault code and to clear it. For that kind of money it'll probably be in need of a decent service which I'd want if my daughter was driving the car.

        If you want a good bit of diagnostic kit that's cheap - and you have a laptop - invest in Opcom. It is the best there is to work on those engines for a DIY basis.

        The main thing with those is regular oil changes, the cam chain needs good lubrication.
        1972 Viva restoration thread -