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Easytronic - Flashing F

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Easytronic - Flashing F

    Hi, I wonder if someone could help me please, my daughters corsa developed the flashing F a few months ago, we managed to keep it working for a while by disconnecting and reconnecting the 2 plugs to the ecu, then that stopped working and we had to gentley tap the gear actuator to get the car to go into Neutral to get the car to start. We then decided it was a problem with the ecu, so we sent it away to be repaired, when it came back it was refitted and the clutch was bled twice, the car now starts but still has the flashing f and will not go into gear at all, so then we decided to buy an opcom obd2 which is comming up with codes P1700 which clears and P1723 which doesn't......have changed the gear selector motors and still the same problem, gears and a flashing F....any help would be much appreciated.


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    Sounds daft, but check all the bulbs.
    On some of these, a brake light out or something can throw the ECU off.


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      Thanks for the reply but we've already checked them.


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        Easytronics are a menace when they go wrong. No promises, but check the base of the selector unit, the black bit. A bad contact there can cause this issue. The selector isn't sending the right input to the ECU.
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          Hi there exactly same problem on my 02 corsa i literally thought the car was broke so i didnt run it for 3 weeks i fired it up again it has now done 400 miles with no problems hope this helps


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            Hi mate change the crankshaft sensor


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              Easy and cheap fix ?