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car wont open/relocks when opened

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] car wont open/relocks when opened

    hi all

    my corsa c sri 1.4 y reg has had trouble opening the door for a few days , what happens is when I use the key to unlock the door with the button the door pin goes down and comes up again. if I push my key into the door and unlock the door it works fine , I have had the car die on me a couple of times in recent months with a jump start you think I might need a new battery?


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    If the battery voltage is low due to one of the cells in it failing that can cause all sorts of weird things to happen. Get it checked and if necessary replaced because once they get below a certain voltage it can cause some funny issues with the ECU.

    Worth mentioning that modern cars fitted with alternators do not fully charge a dead battery, the older dynamo system would fully charge a battery that had gone flat but an alternator won't. You can jump start a car with a flat battery, drive 200 miles, and then find the battery has only just enough power to restart the car. Most drivers don't realise this and drive round with batteries that are partially discharged, sometimes at very low levels of charge. You need to use a trickle charger to bring a battery back to full charge which your alternator will then keep maintained.

    With batteries you get what you pay for so if you intend to keep the car buy a decent battery.
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