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Radio intermittent fault

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  • [Corsa D 2006-2014] Radio intermittent fault

    Just noticed an intermittent fault on my CD30 radio in the past 2 weeks. The radio signal sometimes breaks when I depress the clutch pedal then it returns once the pedal is released. It does not happen all the time and I cannot see any stray wires near the pedal mechanism.Also I noticed my clock moved on 9 hours the other day but suspect this will be unrelated. Any ideas what this could be ?

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    Welcome to the Forum.

    It is possible that the two problems are related.
    Suggest that you check/clean electrical connections, especially the earth connections.
    Intermittent faults can be a real pain to locate, sometimes all that you can do is wait for the fault to 'develop', as each time that you set about tracing the problem, the system behaves itself!
    If you have access to a voltmeter or multimeter, you could check the charging voltage at the battery terminals (should be about 14.0 volts) but there again, even if there is a problem, it may not manifest itself at the time you check for it.
    It's a bit odd that the clutch pedal affects it, I'm just wondering if it is worth lifting the carpet in the area of the clutch pedal and re-checking that area.
    On your model, there are no exposed moving clutch release components,other that the pedal itself.