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Corsa Intellilink Update?

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  • [Corsa E 2014-2019] Corsa Intellilink Update?

    Hi everyone, i'm new here and joined to ask about something.

    Will there be an update to the Corsa Intellilink system? I've looked online and can't really find anything.
    I feel almost like i have been cheated because i was sold on a feature that will never come to fruition.

    I might have picked the wrong prefix, correct me if am wrong.

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    You'd probably be better contacting a dealer, we don't have insider knowledge generally - what feature are you missing?


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      I was hoping that it would eventually support many popular apps such as Google maps, Spotify, etc...
      I'll get in touch with them and update this thread with their response.


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        Did a little reading on it, it seems to point at the BringGo navigation and other music things. To be honest I doubt the apps you want will ever come out as these apps are probably an additional income. Android Auto and Apple CarPlay give you what you're after, but that doesn't sound like an option yet.