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Front right indicator not working. Side and back does. Not the Bulb.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Front right indicator not working. Side and back does. Not the Bulb.

    You'll have to excuse me because im useless with cars.

    As titles says front right indicator doesnt work. The back and side right ones do. My buddy tried using the other bulb and still no avail. He thinks its the relay but from what ive read online it might not be because the side and back still work?

    any help would be great before I shell out some money for a new relay.

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    Please let us know the model and year of the car as it may have a well known fault.
    The following is general for most cars. However some fancy new cars have computer controlled lights that play by different rules

    By swopping bulbs you can establish that a bulb known to have been working does not work in that bulb holder, and also double check by testing the original bulb somewhere else. If it now works you can be reasonably sure the problem lies elsewhere. I suppose it could be a faulty relay, but if the remaining bulbs are flashing (maybe faster)its more likely to be a faulty connection.Either power is not reaching the bulb holder ,or the bulb holder is not making good connection with the bulb (it may be dirty or not sprung against the contacts tightly enough) or there is a poor earth return. Put simply power returns to the battery through the car body.If the bulb holder or light fitting is not making good contact with the car body the power circuit is incomplete,electricity does not flow and the bulb does not light.

    Check the bulb holder contacts are clean and nicely 'sprung'. If this doesnt work you need a bit more knowledge. Try running an ordinary piece of wire from something metal on the light fitting to the car body. If the light now works you know its an earth problem. . For anything else a multimeter is extremely useful. This is a bit of kit every car owner and householder should own.
    It can be used for checking 12v supply ,continuity and resistance. Remember. Power supply will be intermittant with the flasher.

    If all goes well you have my permission to use the old joke. "They're working,no they're not. yes they are, no they're not !"
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