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Heater controls and buttons not working

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Heater controls and buttons not working


    Really hope someone can help, I'm completely confused by whats going on in my corsa (2005 1.0l). For some reason all buttons and twisty knobs have just stopped working on the corsa (heater dial, fan speed controls 1-4, ac button, rear window heater button and the air circ button. I have stripped it down and using a power probe, there are four cables which have no pos or neg signal. If I send a pos down the big black cable, all works ok again. Ive checked at fuses under the bonnet, and all test ok. Any ideas what would possibly be the problem????? Is there another fuse box or inline fuse Im missing??

    Many many thanks!
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    Welcome to the Forum.

    It seems odd that everything concerning the heater has stopped working, as the temperature control and distribution control are manual as opposed to electrical.
    Pretty sure that fuse number 45 is the heater fuse and that it in turn is fed from a relay (72?)
    You are correct in saying that the black cable is the positive feed.



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      Thanks for your reply! Yes you're right, I meant everything electrical (including the temp control, as its not controlling any temp). I've checked fuse 45, and it seems fine. I will check out the relay later today, fingers crossed



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        Massive thanks to walksall! It was the relay. You have now achieved legendary status in our household ��