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1997 opal corsa utility won't start

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  • [All Models] 1997 opal corsa utility won't start

    Hi.please help me with my problem. I have a 1997 opal corsa 1.4i utility van that won't start. When I turn on the egnition I don't see the engine light . the engine swings but does not start. Where do I start looking ?

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    First thing is to check for fuel supply. After cranking either remove a spark plug and check for fuel on the plug, or the smell of fuel either from the spark plug hole or at the exhaust pipe.

    Second thing is to check you have a spark - remove a plug, put the tip to earth and get a mate to crank the engine.

    It would be helpful to know which engine you have - around 1997 there were a few variants - a photo of it would be good.

    If the EML isn't lighting when you turn the ignition key check the bulb.
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