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Angel eye bulbs?

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  • [Corsa B] Angel eye bulbs?

    Hi all, quick question, does anyone know what bulbs are in the halo's of angle lights? Mine seem to have blown. Have checked all connections, and I'm pretty sure it's just the bulbs. Wasn't sure if they are 501's or different..

    Cheers for you help guys

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    LED's. Not sure where to get them though as I had one go out on my angel eyes
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      Get the bulb out; post a pic on here, or take it to halfords.

      You can get LEDs with the same connectors so that won't make a difference.

      Chance are, if you can have the halo on without the dipped, it's a 501. If the halo only comes on when the dipped is on, it will be a headlight bulb.

      You can get 501s as LED or 5w bulbs. Personally prefer bulbs over cheap LEDs. They are flimsy and dim compared to expensive LEDs.
      2.99 for two at halfords, unless you have a trade card 0.59 for two


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        hi, yes the halo is on without the dip, yeah i do have a trade card for halfords and ill try get in there tomorrow. ill probably take it apart tues after work, if i remember correctly though one of the screws on the back of the head light is a pain to undo, as its tight as hell, but im sure its do-able. thanks everyone for your advice