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Car intermittently not turning over / won't start.

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Car intermittently not turning over / won't start.

    I've got a 2001 corsa club. This issue is doing my nut as I've had it in the garage 4 times and they can't find the fault. The car randomly (daily) refuses to start leaving me stranded often. Basically when you turn the key the ignition all comes on OK but when you turn to start it does absolutely nothing. Sometimes after several attempts it will suddenly fire an be ok for a while other times its still lifeless hours later. The issue comes an goes, so it's OK for a couple of days sometimes then other times it happens again and again. We have ruled out the dash wiring, immobiliser, not sure it would be the starter as it fired 20 odd times in a row for the mechanic without issue. Really hoping someone has come across this before?

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    It could easily be the starter or a bad connection. Intermittent electrical problems can be a pain to sort. Next time it won't turn over put the headlights on the get someone to turn the key while you watch the headlights. If the starter is jamming it will draw current so you will see the lights dim. If there is a bad connection the lights won't dim
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      Can't believe no one has suggested trying the headlights like that until now. Do you know of any connections that like to play up between key an starter like that? Every time I suggest that mechanics seem reluctant to look further.


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        Got to see from mechanics point of view.
        Starter is in awkward place
        It's an intermittent fault so could take a while
        Mechanics don't like customers telling them what check.

        Much easier and straight forward jobs that will be worth more to them. Frustrating but true


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          1972 Viva restoration thread -


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            If all else fails, rig up a TEMPORARY switch wired between the main starter terminal and the starter switch terminal, leaving the existing wiring in place.
            DO NOT use this switch whilst the car is behaving itself, but the first time that it refuses to turn over, BRIEFLY turn this switch 'on' - If the starter operates via the temporary switch, but still refuses to work via 'normal' operation, then the fault is NOT in the starter motor, so you can start checking key switch, wiring, relay etc.
            The other advantage to this method, is that, if it is an external fault to the s/motor, you have an 'emergency' method of starting the engine.