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Steering wheel controls not working or lighting up

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Steering wheel controls not working or lighting up

    So when I bought my car, it had an after market stereo fitting, but no patch lead to make steering wheel controls work.
    So when I replaced the head unit I bought a patch lead, and still didn't work. I took car to audio place other day, said my wiring is fine. Audio place even fitted own patch lead, but still didn't work.
    I was then advised by him, that if stereo controls aren't used for long time (such as when I got car and no patch lead) that the canbus system would "forget" the feature. Told me to buy a standard stereo, which I have and installed today.
    However, apart from it being in safe mode(another story, despite entering code) it plays cd's but audio controls still do not work.

    Ideas? I've replaced squib too, have a spare car of parts here if needs be. Going to end up going Vauxhall with it soon, as driving me bonkers