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Battery drain current when car switched off?

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  • [Corsa C 2000-2006] Battery drain current when car switched off?

    I have a Corsa SXI 1.2 on a 52 plate. Recently the battery went flat so I charged it and put it back in the car. I didn’t drive the car but two days later when I tried to start it, the battery was flat and wouldn’t even try to turn the engine. I am assuming that the battery is duff but charged it again and put a meter on it to see what the current drain was with everything turned off. I got a reading of 800mA which I thought is a bit high. The car is fitted with a tracker for insurance purposes but I believe that it isn’t active until the ignition is switched on. Can anyone tell me what the current drain should be when everything is switched off and the doors are shut etc? I read somewhere that the ECU is in an active state for a period of time once the battery is connected. Is this the case and will it “power-down” after a set period and take less current? I am going to check if the bulbs are on in the boot and glove compartment as I didn’t check this when I did my test. I also pulled all the fuses in the engine bay along with the relays but it was still drawing the 800mA and never changed. Are there other fuses inside the car?

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    Get the tracker battery checked because when they go bad .It will drain your car battery


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      Some models have a separate fuse for the entertainment system which is in a plastic housing attached to the firewall by the battery. If yours has that try removing it and see what happens.
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